Donald Trump lost the election.

Bigly. Decisively. By more than 6 million popular votes and 74 electoral votes — the latter representing the same margin he claimed was a “landslide” when he beat “Crooked Hillary” in 2016.

Trump got fired, and he and his minions have been lying about it ever since. What we are witnessing now is an attempted coup staged by the weakest wannabe dictator in human history. Thankfully, he has surrounded himself with the most pathetic band of bumbling sycophants and wild-eyed henchmen and women imaginable. If you want to sell a preposterous premise, it’s best to employ operatives who can’t be undone by a bottle of Just for Men.

Trump knows he lost. So do his enablers, from the White House to House and Senate Republicans, his laughable legal team and even the most diehard dead-enders in Cult 45. It’s all over but the indictments.

Trump’s coup will fail, but it is useful in that it reveals just how small and petty and scared the Crybaby-in-Chief truly is, and how cowardly the GOP’s alleged leaders are standing in his shrinking shadow. As I wrote the night he was elected, they own him, and over time he captured them. Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham and others are in the ridiculous position of claiming reelection in the same contest Trump claims (with zero evidence) was rigged against him.

Votes for Republicans who won should be counted. Votes for Democrats who won should be dismissed as fraudulent. This is the essence of Trump’s tantrum tarted up as a serious argument. He sees the presidency as the ultimate participation trophy. He is the obese, colicky epitome of every whining child who expects to be rewarded despite refusing to do the work it takes to win.

Trump’s election was a huge middle finger extended by a perpetually aggrieved base that refuses to see him — and themselves — for what they are: Sore losers who don’t give a damn about the Constitution, the common good or objective reality. They are Real Americans. Everyone Else is scum.

Unsurprisingly, Everyone Else extended a huge middle finger in return, and Trump’s legions of snowflakes are melting with rage, indignation and denial for getting back what they gave with such gusto. They lost, too, and would rather burn down the scoreboard than acknowledge what it says:

America: 306.

Cult 45: 232.

Game over.

Trump’s flailing, failing overtime is a showcase for his manifest unfitness and his enablers’ bottomless sense of entitlement. America is bigger than Trump, and the processes that have sustained this constitutional republic from its founding will end his pathetic coup attempt bigly and decisively. Trump lost. In a landslide exactly like the one that brought him to power.

In 2016, Trump and Cult 45 told Everyone Else to Get Over it.

Now it’s their turn.