The fading relevance and muted political clout of the Crybaby in Chief was confirmed Monday by a rejected phone call. Doug Ducey, Republican governor of Arizona and a shameless Trump sycophant did his constitutional duty and formally certified the state’s 11 electoral votes for President-elect Joe Biden. 

The process aired live on television, and at least one viewer called in real-time to object to the democratic, reality-based nature of the program. Ducey quickly swiped aside the complaint and carried on with the business at hand. 

It no doubt pained the governor to blow off the blowhard he once lavishly bragged about being in near-constant contact with. As the presidential election loomed, Ducey boasted to anyone who would listen that Trump and Vice Presidential Hologram Mike Pence called him so frequently, he changed their ringtones to play “Hail to the Chief.”   

The tune could be heard booming in the breast pocket of Ducey’s suit as he certified the vote. He pulled out the phone and dispatched the crank caller straight to voicemail purgatory. It was a live testament to the impending death of the Trump presidency and the futility of Trump’s stubborn struggle to cheat voters who laid his dreams of autocracy to fitful rest. 

Trump did not take the public brush-off laying down. He took to Twiitter with a tweet storm accusing Ducey of subverting democracy by acknowledging the actual winner of the election. 

“Why would he sign when you have these incredible hearings going on that’s showing such corruption and such horrible fraud on the American people of Arizona?” Trump tweeted. 

The “incredible hearings” Trump referenced are just that — utterly devoid of credibility. Former “America’s Mayor” and Just for Men Victim Rudy Giuliani can rent all the hotel ballrooms he likes, but credible hearings happen in courtrooms. Rudy and his team of stooges allege innumerable instances of “widespread fraud” in front of cameras, but clam up in front of judges in settings where acting in bad faith can get you disbarred. 

To Ducey’s credit, he immediately pushed back and reminded the soon-to-be-ex-president that he is free to challenge the certification in a court of law. 

“If you want to contest the results, now is the time,” Ducey said. By law, Trump has five days to take his tweets before a judge. 

That won’t happen, because Trump has no evidence — hard or circumstantial — that he was cheated. Ducey knows this, and his dismissal of Trump’s call on live television is all the proof Trump needs that transactional relationships fall apart when one party lacks any leverage. 

Presidents get picked up on the first ring. Pretenders go straight to voicemail.