In an interview slated to air on CNN tonight, President-elect Joe Biden said he plans to ask all Americans to wear face masks for the first 100 days after his inauguration on Jan. 20. 

“I’m going to ask the public for 100 days to mask, just 100 days, to mask,” Biden told CNN anchor Jake Tapper. “Not forever — 100 days.”

It’s a good call the outgoing president should have made long ago. If he had, maybe the White House wouldn’t be a COVID-19 hot zone. Biden’s message is a welcome, national call for all Americans to take personal responsibility for shutting down the virus, but the Masked Man in Chief needs to make sure some of the alleged leaders of his own party get the memo. 

Leaders like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has repeatedly criticized constituents who don’t wear face masks and chastised others who attend gatherings in public places and private homes. Like the rest of the planet, California is experiencing the biggest spike in coronavirus infections since the pandemic began. 

What did Newsom do? He went to a public dinner at a ritzy restaurant full of people who apparently think their wealth and arrogance somehow make them immune to COVID-19. Of course, someone noticed the Governor Who Scolds Everyone Who Won’t Stay Home was sitting at the next table.

What message did Newsom send? “Do as I say, not as I do.” He apologized and said he made “a bad mistake,” but the damage is done. His “mistake” — better described as a bad choice — directly undermined the very diligence and vigilance he and other governors nationwide are demanding from everyday citizens. 

“The spirit of what I’m preaching all the time was contradicted and I’ve got to own that,” Newsom said Monday. “I need to preach and practice. Not just preach.”

Also at Newsom’s awesome night out: Members of the California Medical Association and the group’s chief lobbyist. When the governor and the state’s top doctors can’t be trusted to follow the rules, why should anyone trust anything they say and (don’t) do? 

A day after Newsom and the doctors’ bad choice, San Francisco Mayor and Democratic Hypocrite London Breed broke her own guidelines by attending a public party. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was recently busted getting a clandestine blowout at a hair salon and Sen. Diane Feinstein was caught on camera strolling around inside the Capitol Building without a mask. What’s with these California Dems?

Ask Austin, Texas, Mayor Steve Adler, who posted a video urging constituents to stay home for Thanksgiving — from his time-share in Mexico

Hypocrisy is hypocrisy, no matter the guilty party. Republicans — including the outgoing president — routinely hold large indoor gatherings without masks, but don’t pretend otherwise. Democrats have elected a president who plans to ask everyday Americans of every political and socio-economic stripe to follow the rules for the first 100 days after his election. 

Biden has yet to be sworn in and high-profile leaders in his own party are already undermining his moral and practical authority to ask the public to take basic, personal responsibility for keeping each other safe. 

The “Do as I Say Dems” should be ashamed. They should be chastened. The should be sorry. 

They must be better.