On Monday, the Electoral College made official what has been obvious to honest observers for five weeks — Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States.


Full stop.

Get over it. 

Trump never will, of course, and it must have been sheer torture for the 45th president to watch Biden’s masterful, magnanimous and matter-of-fact speech after electors confirmed his landslide victory over Trumpism. 

The speech was an eloquent, exacting eulogy for Trump’s shrinking presidency. If you missed it, read the full text here. Biden reaffirmed the voters’ irrefutable choice of him and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to lead the nation, praised the brave election workers and officials in both parties for processing and standing by the results and pointed up the shame and futility of the time-lapse coup Trump and his seditious Republican henchmen are still staging. 

Some highlights:

“Once again in America, the rule of law, our Constitution, and the will of the people have prevailed. Our democracy — pushed, tested, threatened — proved to be resilient, true, and strong,”

“In America, politicians don’t take power, people grant power to them. The flame of democracy was lit in this nation a long time ago. And we now know nothing, not even a pandemic or an abuse of power can extinguish that flame. And as the people kept it a flame, so too did courageous state and local officials and election workers. American democracy works because America makes it work at a local level.

“One of the extraordinary things we saw this year was that every day Americans, our friends and our neighbors, often volunteers, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, demonstrating absolute courage, they showed a deep and unwavering faith in and a commitment to the law. They did their duty in the face of the pandemic. And then they could not and would not give credence to what they knew was not true. They knew this election was overseen, was overseen by them. It was honest, it was free and it was fair.”

“Even more stunning, 17 Republican Attorneys General, and 126 Republican members of the Congress, actually, they actually signed onto a lawsuit filed by the state of Texas. That lawsuit asked the United States Supreme Court to reject the certified vote counts in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. This legal maneuver was an effort by elected officials and one group of states to try to get the Supreme Court to wipe out the votes of more than 20 million Americans in other states. And to hand the presidency to a candidate who lost the Electoral College, lost the popular vote, and lost each and every one of the states whose votes they were trying to reverse.

“…Thankfully, a unanimous Supreme Court immediately and completely rejected this effort. The Court sent a clear signal to President Trump that they would be no part of an unprecedented assault on our democracy. Every single avenue was made available to President Trump to contest the results. He took full advantage of each and every one of those avenues. President Trump was denied no course of action he wanted to take. He took his case to Republican governors and Republican Secretary of State as he criticized many of them, to Republican state legislatures, to Republican-appointed judges at every level.

“And then the case decided after the Supreme Court’s latest rejection, a judge appointed by President Trump wrote, ‘This court has allowed the plaintiff the chance to make his case and he has lost on the merits.’ Lost on the merits.”

Biden’s added emphasis on “lost on the merits” was an apt epitaph for Trump’s failed presidency and re-election campaign. He lost on the merits because he routinely demonstrates that he possesses few, if any. 

Biden’s speech was a resounding declaration of victory. For America. Trump’s war on democracy failed, no matter how much chaos may be created by bitter dead-enders over the next few weeks. Voters canceled “The Trump Show,” but its fallen star has gone to the mattresses in his Oval Office dressing room. 

In a Fox “News” interview taped over the weekend, Trump said, “I worry about the country having an illegitimate president, that’s what I worry about. A president that lost and lost badly.”

So do we, Mr. President. It’s why we’re so looking forward to Jan. 20.