I’m off this week, but since the nation is under attack by a sitting president and his cult of traitorous goons, I’m punching out a quick blog. 

What is happening at the Capitol this afternoon is an act of domestic terrorism. Not a protest. Not a riot. Not an exercise of free association and free speech. This is terrorism. As I type, I am witnessing a thug in a MAGA hat smash a window of the Capitol with a crowbar. A Cult 45 goon is sitting in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office with his feet on her desk. Goons carrying backpacks are wandering around the well of the Senate wearing backpacks that could contain bombs, guns or both.  

This is happening in America. It is being perpetrated by Americans who have forced the evacuation of the House and Senate for the first time since 9/11. Those terrorists were brown-skinned Muslims from overseas. These terrorists are predominately white, Republican Americans who claim to be Christian patriots. 

If these terrorists were Black Lives Matter protesters, they would have been shot dead on the lawn to the cheers of Trump and Cult 45. Instead, they have been allowed to smash their way into the seat of American power, disrupt the certification of the votes of a majority of Americans and make America look like an imploding backwater of the former Soviet Bloc. 

Two goons have hijacked scaffolding and are attempting to remove the American flag from the Capitol building and replace it with a Trump flag. No act better exemplifies Cult 45’s slavish placement of Trump above country. 

The National Guard should have been on scene to stop this attack on America, but they are reportedly on the way. When they arrive, this terrorist attack must be put down with swift, decisive and righteous violence. “Trumpifa” must be driven out and held to individual account. 

The Capitol must be cleared and the proceeding this attack paused must continue. I look forward to hearing Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley continue their mendacious. cynical arguments for consideration of throwing out the votes of millions of Americans in favor of another four years for the Traitor-in-Chief who incited this terrorist attack. 

All you MAGA faithful who flamed my inbox the last few years must be so proud.