Donald Trump is exactly who he was all along — a malignant narcissist con man contemptuous of truth, honor and decency and unable to conceive or concede any cause or concern greater than himself. 

He is a liar, a cheat and a coward. Watching America burn on his behalf warms his curdled soul. He expressed no regret over the domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol because he has none. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are scrambling to prepare for attacks on the capitals of all 50 states this weekend. These attacks could be averted or at least diminished with a simple command from the Seditionist in Chief. 

Stop. Stand down. Do no further harm to the democracy we all claim to love. It’s over. Get over it. Move on. 

Of course, Trump can’t say these things even to himself. He is too small to stand up, too stubborn to accept a fate he authored. As a result, the nation can’t exhale until the last rancid breath of his presidency wafts into the ether of history. 

Trump’s Twitter sewer pipe is cut off, and Facebook and other antisocial media platforms finally put him in time-out, but he still has the bully pulpit. At any time since the insurrection he deliberately incited, Trump could have called a press conference, conceded defeat, condemned the violence and forcefully and unambiguously ordered his army of lobotomized thugs to stand down and do no more harm to the republic. 

He has not done that, and there is no reason to believe he will. Trump is who he was all along.

Today, Congressional Democrats are expected to take up the second impeachment of the 45th President of the United States. The Republican enablers who let him off the hook the first time share the blame for the insurrection Trump incited. Whatever evil Trump and his thugs do next, his enablers do, too. 

Trump is scheduled to speak today at the Alamo. He and his army are preparing for a last stand. His enablers are pretending @realdonaldtrump can be trusted to stop there.

They are who they were all along.