My column today (read it here) asks why former Old Forge School Director and serial Republican candidate Frank Scavo hasn’t been charged for taking part in the Jan. 6 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol.

Photographic evidence places Frank in the mob that stormed the People’s House, snapping pictures on his cellphone as if he was documenting a summer afternoon on a crowded beach.

Frank was inside the Capitol.

Past the scattered barricades.

Part of the mob.

Some in that mob murdered Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, bludgeoning him with a fire extinguisher. An Iraq war veteran and citizen-soldier with the New Jersey Air National Guard, Sicknick, 42, will be laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. Today, his cremated remains lay in honor in the Rotunda desecrated by the mob who overran Sicknick and his fellow officers.   

Officer Sicknick is dead because a lying president and his lying minions in government and right-wing media told a Big Lie to a mob that rages against reality itself. Some in the mob are true believers. Others are cynical opportunists and misfits with delusions of grandeur.

All have Officer Sicknick’s blood on their hands. If we allow his blood to be shed without commensurate consequences for his killers and those who marched alongside them, it will be on our hands, too.

Frank Scavo wasn’t on the beach on Jan. 6.

He was inside the Capitol.

Past the barricades.

Part of the mob.