For “sheeple” who don’t always appreciate Objective Reality but accept it as such, today is just another dreary Thursday in the long slog to spring. 

For enlightened “Anons” who live in the fantasy world of the “Q” conspiracy theory, today marks the start of “The Great Awakening,” when former president Donald Trump and the military will overthrow the elected government, impose martial law and commence the imprisonment and execution of a cabal of cannibalistic pedophiles who rule the world from the shadows and drink the blood of children to stay young. 

Or not. 

Like innumerable missed milestones in the countless conspiracy theories cobbled together to create the “Qniverse,” this great day of reckoning will pass without fulfillment of the false prophecies that feed the paranoia and delusions of the Q Cult’s victims and enrich the charlatans who monetize fear, resentment and mental illness. 

For many “Anons,” this will not matter. They will move the goalposts to the next “drop-dead date” and the next, and the next, and the next. Like most cults, the failure of its defining prophecy will only increase and reinforce the excitement and anticipation of its inevitable fulfillment. When nothing happens, it’s because everything is happening in secret to keep the pedophile vampires from foiling “The Plan.” 

“Anons” insist “Nothing can stop what is coming.” This is especially true when nothing ever comes. 

I’m publishing this blog early in the morning, but here’s my prediction for the day: Nothing “Anons” have been promised will happen today, or tomorrow or next week, next month or next year. Or ever.

The only “Great Awakening” worth hoping for is one in which millions of “Anons” wake up to see they’ve been lied to, used and abused at the expense of being cut off by family, friends and employers for the profit of a few false prophets running a long, cruel con. 

Have a nice day.