Robert Hopkins lied. 

Who the bleep is Robert Hopkins? Robert Hopkins is the Erie letter carrier who claimed last November that he overheard U.S. Postal Service supervisors conspiring to backdate late mail-in ballots and allow them to be counted in the contest between the 45th president and the 46th, who won fair and square in a landslide. 

Hopkins signed an affidavit for the notorious schlock-meisters at Project Veritas, who made him famous among pushers and supporters of The Big Lie. Sen. Lindsey Graham, whose conscience died with John McCain, cited Hopkins’ lie in a letter demanding a Department of Justice investigation.  

“The presidential election remains close in multiple states, and as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, all credible allegations of voting irregularities and misconduct will be taken seriously,” Graham said. “I will not allow credible allegations of voting irregularities or misconduct to be swept under the rug.”

The rug got pulled out from under Hopkins when postal inspectors questioned him on Nov. 10. He admitted to fabricating the conversation and said he didn’t write the affidavit he signed. Hopkins — who had recently been disciplined by the supervisors he falsely accused — has been suspended without pay since, according to The Washington Post. Read the Post story here.

Hopkins’ backdated lie was almost immediately debunked, but has been used since by Project Veritas and other paid prevaricators of The Big Lie. Last week, the USPS inspector general’s office released a report stating an investigation found no evidence to support Hopkins’ story. Read the report here. Hopkins’ “credible allegation” was every bit as phony as the fake Luzerne County ballot scandal ginned up by local Republican officials.

It’s not clear whether Hopkins will lose his USPS job, but he’s better paid while on leave. The lying letter carrier has raised more than $236,000 on GiveSendGo, the same Christian online fundraising platform a certain area Realtor and internet conspiracy star recently used to raise cash for a legal retainer. 

Small world.