I’m back to work after ankle surgery, so a Ken Bond column can’t be far behind.

On Sunday, I’ll have the latest on Scranton‘s most notorious garbage fee deadbeat/tax cheat/slumlord and the mess he’s made of neighborhoods blighted by his rotten properties. I’ve written a lot about Bond’s debts to the city, school district and county, but on Wednesday I got a hard look at the human cost of Bond’s dirty business.

City code enforcement officials visited 442-444 N. Irving Ave. and judged the 8-unit property unfit for occupation. Its 22 tenants were given 10 days to find new homes. All said Bond — who keeps a low profile — had dropped by to collect the rent last week. Like all of his income properties, this one is not registered with the city, and therefore illegal.

You’ll hear from these people in my Sunday column, which will feature great images by Staff Photographer Chris Dolan and an update on Bond’s financial woes, which have worsened considerably of late. Government agencies and creditors are finally catching up with Ken Bond.

Meanwhile, I’m reporting on one foot. Catch up with me on Sunday.