One more time for the slow learners: Like my Wednesday and Sunday columns, this blog reflects my opinions on the news. The job requires me to take a stand. Some of you either don’t understand this basic fact, or pretend not to so you can keep whining about that “liberal pig in the local rag.”  .

Either is OK with me, as long as you keep reading.

I’m working on the Wednesday column, but I had too much caffeine and a few spare minutes and came up with a thought exercise for the Cult 45 faithful. Here’s a short (kept it to 10) list of basic facts about Donald Trump —no opinion attached.  Facts. Not opinion. Facts.

Your challenge is to attack these facts, not me. I merely typed them up. Trump actually did and said everything on this list. Please tell me why they don’t matter to you. Please don’t carpet bomb me with “Clinton this, Obama that” whataboutism.

Defend your man. His words. His deeds. And please stick to the list. It took me a whole five minutes to pull it together.

Have a great day!


Trump avoided military service via four student deferments. Twice, he was deemed fit for duty, but got a medical deferment for bone spurs and a high lottery number that excused from being drafted.

Trump once said avoiding STD’s while bedding scores of woman was “my personal Vietnam.  I feel like a great and very brave soldier.”

Trump is still slamming John McCain, 7 months after the war hero and statesman died from brain cancer.

Trump is a serial adulterer who has been married three times.

Trump paid off a Playboy model and a porn actress to cover up extramarital affairs.

Trump filed for bankruptcy on Trump business properties six times.

Trump ripped off thousands of suckers who enrolled in his phony “Trump University.”

Trump ripped off thousands of suckers who donated to his phony “Trump Foundation.”

Trump is notorious for stiffing contractors for work on his properties.

Trump has cost taxpayers $92,326,506 for golf trips since his inauguration, mostly at Trump properties.

BONUS: Trump is golfing right now. Or on Twitter. You pick.