A day after U.S. Rep. Matt Cartwright took the oath of office for his fifth term in Congress, his Republican opponent in the November election finally conceded something.

In a statement, Jim Bognet agreed Monday that Cartwright was sworn into office for a fifth term on Sunday. Cartwright represents the 8th Congressional District.

Bognet never conceded defeat and never congratulated the Moosic Democrat on his victory, not in his statement and nowhere else that I could find anyway. Bognet did hint that he could run against Cartwright again in 2022.

I hope and pray he does a better job representing us than he has done the last 8 years. I also hope he remembers that more than half the people in his district voted for President Trump and his agenda,” Bognet said in a statement. “If Cartwright continues his unwavering support for Nancy Pelosi and AOC’s march from liberalism to socialism, I look forward to finishing what our grassroots campaign started in 2020 and giving him a rude awakening in November 2022.”

Bognet lost, but he still managed to say the results “demonstrate that NEPA rejects the “Defund the Police” and “Blame America First” principles of Pelosi and most of the Democrats in Congress.”

The election was marred by last minute rule changes, ample opportunities for fraud and manipulation via massive and unprecedented mail-in voting without widespread signature verification, and Democrat election officials constantly putting their thumb on the scales to help Democrats,” he said.

He called for the repeal of the law that authorizes no-excuse mail-in balloting “to make sure that both parties and all Pennsylvanians have faith in election results going forward” and called for returning “to our over 200-year-old process of voting in-person on Election Day.”

This is the only way to ensure timely election results that are trusted by all citizens,” he said.

He did not provide any evidence of widespread fraud or how Democratic election officials put “their thumb on the scales to help” Democratic candidates, but said he is “grateful for the votes of over 166,000 citizens of Northeastern Pennsylvania.”

I will continue to fight for them, the America First Agenda, and to end Nancy Pelosi’s control of the House of Representatives,” he promised.

The final tally, according to the state Department of State website: Cartwright, 178,004 votes, 51.78%, Bognet, 165,783 votes, 48.22%.

That’s a 3.56 percentage point difference.

I don’t doubt Bognet will run again in 2022, but congressional redistricting will affect how the 8th district looks during that election. I’ll try to address that in an upcoming blog post.