In an unusual move I’ve never seen before, about three dozen local high school sports coaches have written a letter backing Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Most of them are registered Democrats, but not all, according to voter registration records. I’ve never seen high school coaches weigh in on politics so openly. 

As coaches, as well as educators and parents, we are heartened to see that Joe Biden has put forward a plan to safely reopen our schools and communities,” they wrote. “Biden’s plan creates a set of national safety guidelines to empower local-decision makers to decide when it is safe to reopen — removing the political gamesmanship that has clouded the reopening process thus far. He will get the virus under control and ensure that schools have the funding and PPE that they need to reopen safely.

Kids deserve to be on the field and in the classroom with their friends and teachers, and parents deserve to send their kids to a safe place during the work day. Unfortunately, the Trump administration has failed in their duty to keep our children safe by containing the pandemic and implementing a plan to safely reopen our schools and communities.

This has already gone on too long, and if it continues we will be depriving our children of one of the childhood’s great joys and a necessary building block in their development into adulthood.

We know Joe Biden. We trust Joe Biden. And we owe it to our young athletes, students, and children to vote for Joe Biden.”

They sent the letter via email and texts to coaching friends and posted it on social media.