Not many people in the world grew up in the house across the street from the hospital where their moms birthed them.

Far fewer grew up in the house across the street from where they and Joe Biden were born.

I discovered three.

Rosemary Boland and her two younger brothers, Robert and Sean, grew up in a home at 929 Hickory St. in Scranton across the street from Mary Keller Hospital, which became St. Mary’s Hospital, at 930 Hickory.

Biden was born there in November 1942. Boland, the Scranton teachers union president and a Biden delegate to the Democratic National Convention, was born there five years later.

So my mother just walked across the street and came home with three kids. I was first and my two brothers and the vice president was also born there,” Boland, 73, said. “There was a chapel on third floor beautiful chapel. Some of my neighbors used to go there to church, the older people went to church there to Mass. That was a beautiful hospital. Oh, yeah. I have my birth certificate from there. I can prove I was born there.”

I wonder if anyone asked Biden for his birth certificate to see if he was born there. LOL.

Boland, who still lives in the home, said she can’t remember when she found out Biden was born there. We tried to narrow down the time frame. We established she learned after Biden became vice president, but couldn’t get more precise.

She’s pretty sure she didn’t know when she met Biden as he hosted labor union leaders at his residence in vice president, perhaps in the spring of 2014.

I was talking with them outside, you know, myself and he because he always goes on about Scranton, you know how he is and then he said. … ‘Now, Rosemary. Are you really from Scranton?’ I said, ‘Yes.’ And he said, ‘No, really,’ because he said, ‘A lot of people say that and they don’t mean it.’ I said, No, I was in Scranton. I teach in Scranton, I live in Scranton.’”

She hopes to mention their common history if she ever meets him again.

I may have to sit on my front porch with the memory. We can reminisce

about it,” Boland said.

I mentioned to her Biden might not have time for that if he wins the presidency.

Please, God, please God, he has a full plate,” she said.

The former hospital now houses the Milton Eisner Yeshiva High School, a school for young Orthodox Jews.