Pete Buttigieg, the South Bend, Indiana, mayor who's running for president

Pete Buttigieg, the South Bend, Indiana, mayor who’s running for president

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to the 2020 presidential campaign yet, but I saw South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg on Meet the Press and Face the Nation on Sunday.

Let me tell you something, keep an eye on him. He could win the Democratic presidential nomination.

I’ve never heard a small-town mayor so composed and well-versed on national and international topics. Sorry, Bill Courtright, Chris Doherty, Tom Leighton, etc.

Buttigieg (pronunciation guide here) has a pleasant demeanor and a calm way of explaining his positions that contrasts well with President Donald Trump

loudness. He can still sound wonky and drops in Washington-speak phrasing now and then, but everybody I’ve talked to who’s heard Buttigieg likes him.

In recent Des Moines Register/CNN and CBS News/YouGov polls of Iowa Democratic voters, Buttigieg ran fourth behind former Vice President Joe Biden, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts . Nationwide, the Real Clear Politics polling average has him fourth, too, but well behind.

It’s early. Barack Obama made his move much later in 2008, but slow and steady could be the right approach amid all the noise. Then again, maybe he sounds good because I’m fond of hard-to-pronounce names.